The Life of St. Martin

Saint Martin was born in Lima, capital city of Peru, in the year 1579. His father was a Spanish

He seems to have been neglected as a child, but he befriended a doctor who taught him the art of healing.knight and his mother a freed slave.

He was initially accepted as a servant at the Dominican Priory of Our Lady of the Rosary at Lima. Eventually admitted as a lay brother, he made profession in 1603. He worked with the sick and the poor, as well as taking care of animals, being known to have cured to most frightening of diseases and injuries (as much by prayer and intercession as by his medical skills).

He was taken to much prayer and penance. Having a particular devotion to the Blessed Eucharist, he would spend a long time in thanksgiving each time he received Holy Communion.

He died of fever on 3rd November 1639, and was canonised in 1962. His feast day is 3rd November.

"Compassion is preferable to cleanliness.Reflect that with a little soap I can easily clean my bed covers,

but even with a torrent of tears I would never wash from my soul the stain that my

harshness toward the unfortunate would create." - St. Martin De Porres