The Word of God is alive and active

"Since attending the cell prayer meetings, I find much more meaning in Scripture for my daily living. I am listening to Jesus as though He is with me at all times, as if I am with those to whom He addresses in Scripture. This is bringing great support to me." Angela

"I'm experiencing a deeper understanding of God through listening to, sharing and discussing the Gospel at our cell. I feel a closer connection to Him and to those in my community, a feeling of love and belonging." Marion

"Being part of a cell has been a wonderful opportunity to chat about living my faith in the world today. Before I joined, I hadn't realised how much of a comfort it could be to gain faith friends who are on the some walk as I am!" Shane

We are one of many small groups who meet every two weeks in family homes. We meet to grow in and share our faith as we pray, read scripture, some music and song and so much more. I’m so thankful to God, to be able to have one in my home and it means so much to me. Each time as I prepare the space for the meeting, I feel I’m not just preparing for friends who will come along, but for Jesus, because of his promise:

“Where two or more are gathered in my name I am there.”

So, we light the candle, ask him to pray with us and for us. I feel so blessed, as do the group who say it’s like family, where we listen to and accept each other, just as we are, whether you believe, or struggling to believe. It’s where they find courage, comfort, and wisdom to deal with sometimes difficult situations in their lives, finding hope through getting to know Jesus as a loving reliable friend, who gives them the courage and conviction to share their faith as they go about their daily lives. We have a teaching on the scripture reading, then talk about it, hear what it may be saying to us personally or to us as a group. Always good and gives us food for thought. We have prayer of petition where we place all our needs, our loved ones who ask for prayer, into the loving hands of God and his blessed mother Mary. We give thanks for his love and goodness and finish with a promise to keep each other in prayer until we meet again. We then pray the Our Father facing outwards as a reminder to go out and tell the good news as we go. Then we have a cuppa and more chat, a wonderful way to spend an evening. COME AND SEE! - Betty Kelly

On Monday 18th of November 2019 I was in Rome for a lifetime dream come true - an audience with Pope Francis in Paul VI Hall at the Vatican.

It was an international gathering of Cells which I’m a part of......

This amazing couple spoke of their life.

They had 3 sons aged four, 11 and 15 years and their dad told us that very dark days came into their life.

Because of their second son’s illness they found it so difficult to cope with.

He was just 2 years old then....it would make the hair stand up on the back your neck

Their life change through going to Cell meetings that united them as a family again.

They now have 100 Cells in their community

After a beautiful mass with the Choir voices lifting the roof it was breath-taking as we watched Pope Francis make his way to the altar we were lucky to have our seats so close to altar.

He spoke to us in his gentle way.

I was overwhelmed!

I had to pinch myself.

He moved around freely on the altar speaking, shaking hands to bishops and priests and how proud we were to see him talking and shaking hands with our father Michael.......Fr. Don Pigi from Milan founder of Cells for years spoke. It was very emotional for him as he spoke from his heart of changing times in the church. It was all so spiritual, an experience I will never forget it and I’m happy to share it with you.

Marie Jordan...

Aileen, Eithne and Tony reflect on meeting Pope Francis in the Vatican

"Returning home after a truly wonderful few days in Rome with 4 other parishioners Eithne said "I'd say we'll be friends for life". Such was the joy and emotion she was filled with. We were there at the invitation of Pope Francis in the Vatican to acknowledge the evangelizing spirit of the parish cell community. The excitement of 4000 people of the worldwide cell community was contagious as we gathered to sing and pray and share testimonies while we awaited Pope Francis.

Language differences proved no barrier. The international language of smiles, laughter and tears was enough to convey what we were feeling said Aileen as she proudly waved the Irish flag.

Pope Francis arrived to deafening applause. It was very special being so close we could almost touch him. As we watched him smile down at us and saw him shake hands with Fr. Michael.

Eithne couldn't resist shouting out "Holy Father, we’re from Ireland". Tony said how encouraging it was to see the parish cells thriving and relevant throughout our world and to realize we are part of a much bigger picture.

Sharing a meal that evening with 20 of the Irish group we chatted and laughed together as we gave thanks for being part of this extra special occasion.

Pope Francis said "If we have encountered Christ in our lives then we cannot keep Him only for ourselves. It is crucial that we share this experience with others”. So we invite you to join us some evening and feel the unconditional love Jesus has for each of us through the parish cells.

We offer a warm welcome to young and not so young, gay and straight men and women, Come and See.