Tree of hope at knock reaches out to those affected by sucicide

Post date: Sep 7, 2015 1:13:57 PM

A Tree of Hope to reach out to all of those affected by suicide has been planted on the grounds of Knock Shrine.

The Tree of Hope planting ceremony on Monday afternoon (August 10, 2015) was part of an initiative started by parishioner Noeleen Fulham.

Ms Fulham came up with the idea to plant Trees of Hope across the country as a symbol of hope and support after her own painful experience of losing a number of friends to suicide.

She described a Tree of Hope as a way to reach out to others who have lost a loved one to suicide, as well as those affected by mental ill health, and offer them a symbol of hope.

Ms Fulham was at Knock Shrine on Monday for the Tree of Hope planting ceremony.

“The hope is that as this tree grows in strength so too will the people hurting,” said Ms Fulham.

“As the branches reach out, our hope is that people in a dark place will reach out to someone and ask for help.”

“The tree can be a focal point in the community as a symbol to all affected by a suicide or living with mental health issues to show our support,” she continued.

“The tree plantings are really taking off and my dream is for everyone nationwide, and worldwide, to plant a Tree Of Hope in their own community.”

The tree at Knock Shrine was sponsored by St Martin’s Parish, Tallaght.

A pilgrimage group from the parish was at the Shrine on Monday to see the sponsored tree planted on the grounds.

Parish Priest and Rector at Knock Shrine, Fr Richard Gibbons, warmly welcomed the group to Knock and praised the Tree of Hope initiative.

“It is a wonderful project. It is great to have the opportunity to have something like this at the Shrine,” he added.

The Tree of Hope is located on a scenic green area on the Shrine grounds, close to Knock Museum.

It is the 75th Tree of Hope planted since the project was launched.

For more information, visit the Tree of Hope Facebook page here: