Meeting Pope Francis

Meeting Pope Francis...

I will always remember the sense of anticipation as we arrived in Rome, and then going through security the next day and our entry into the vast auditorium of Paul VI.

Songs and stories from people from different parts of the world and the Celebration of the Eucharist were part of our morning as we awaited Pope Francis. Then the excitement levels soared as his arrival drew nearer.

His words to us were brief yet clearly spoken as a challenge and as an encouragement to the more than 100,000 cells worldwide. He spoke very beautifully and succinctly into our situation. For the almost 4,000 cell worldwide participants present, this was a moment of inspiration and celebration with people from many different parts of the world.

My own meeting with him was brief, yet very personal. He looked at the nametag I had and asked where I had come from. He then invited us to pray for him, and he promised to pray for us in Ireland.

This was a time of thanksgiving for the 40 Irish people who were present. We were thankful for people we have met and for the way that parish cells have spread throughout the world. We felt privileged to be present and hear the words of welcome and affirmation from Pope Francis. It was certainly a time to savour, and an inspiration for each of us.


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