The Parish Evangelisation Cell System was pioneered by Father Michael Eivers of St Boniface Parish Pembroke Pines in the

Archdiocese of Miami ( USA ) in 1983

Fr. Michael's Testimony

Don Pigi Perini pioneered the Parish Evangelisation Cell System in san'Eustorgio Parish Milan, Italy in 1990.

In 2015 Don Pigi and the cell community attended the formal recognition of cells by Pope Francis (View the 2015 event) and again in November 2019 in Rome

Every year the parish of san'Eustorgio hosts the International Parish Cells of Evangelisation seminar. Click here for photos of seminar

Father Michael Hurley pioneered the Parish Cell System of Evangelisation in Ireland in 1990 in

St. John the Evangelist Parish, Ballinteer, Dublin.

It continues to grow and thrive in many parishes throughout Ireland.

Fr. Michael on Parish Cells

Fr. Michael on Meeting Pope Francis

Some text on Parish Cells is taken by permission and with thanks from Parish Cells of Ireland, National Parish Cell System Of Evangelisation England