Confirmation Preparation

Bohernabreena Parish is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Confirmation Programme - Walking with families

Part 1: Strength for the Journey

Jun 9, 2021 07:30 PM Dublin

Jun 10, 2021 07:30 PM Dublin

Part 2: Gifted by the Spirit

Jun 16, 2021 07:30 PM Dublin

Jun 17, 2021 07:30 PM Dublin

Part 3: Called by Name

Jun 23, 2021 07:30 PM Dublin

Jun 24, 2021 07:30 PM Dublin

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Part 1 of 3 : Strength for the Journey


Made me cry.

Lovely video.

Journey of life nicely portrayed.

Holding hands - never alone.

Our parents are looking out for us - always.

God walks with you. God loves you...

Part 2 of 3: Gifted by the Spirit


God gave everyone their own gift.

If we use our gifts together we will succeed.

No two people are the same.

Don't compare yourself to others.

Colourful and inspiring.

Children have their whole lives ahead of them and it is a wonderful time in their lives.

God gave us the gift of life and its up to us how we spend it.

Part 3 of 3 : Called by Name


Everyone is unique in their own little way.

Everyone has their own thoughts and feelings.

I like the feeling of the Holy SPirit getting stronger as we get older.

I like the starting part where the girl said she chose the name after her grandmother...... i will be named after mine - a kind, caring person.

Walking with Families

The Sacraments Implementation Group [SIG] has prepared a parish resource for Confirmation preparation.

It is called Walking with Families and consists of 3 zoom sessions, each lasting thirty minutes.

The sessions are based on three short videos with the following themes:

  • Strength for the Journey

  • Gifted by the Spirit

  • Called by Name

The videos are intended to stimulate faith conversation at home between parents/guardians and daughters/sons for Confirmation.

These sessions aim to complement the work of teachers in schools.

Confirmation – Family Time

Home Activities

Make the time ahead special – special family time looking forward to Confirmation. This will make the ceremony itself more special!

Here are some ideas for parents/guardians and daughters/sons to do together.

1. After video ‘Strength for the Journey’


  • Watch the video again

  • When you’ve time together, watch it on your phone.

  • Share your thoughts and reactions… and say a prayer together.


  • Chat about what’s happening now in your life as a young person.

  • Confirmation is another milestone, at a time of really big change in life

    • From ‘child’ to teenager, a new world ahead.

  • Chat about how you are feeling

    • Son’s/daughter’s feelings… parent/guardian feelings – a mix of feelings – excitement – the unknown…

A Simple Prayer

May God’s Spirit strengthen me and give me confidence for the path ahead.

2. After video ‘Gifted by the Spirit’


  • Watch the video again

  • When you’ve time together, watch it on your phone.

  • Share your thoughts and reactions… and say a prayer together


  • Chat about the gifts of the Spirit that we learn about in school. Recall the list. Which gift would you like most? How would you use this gift? (parents share too about this)

3. After video ‘Called by Name’


  • Watch the video again

  • When you’ve time together, watch it on your phone.

  • Share your thoughts and reactions… and say a prayer together


  • Chat about people who ‘inspire’ you, people you admire most, whether people who are near or people you’ve never met. (Parents share too about this)

  • Chat about the Confirmation name you might choose.

  • Could it be a person who inspires you in some way?

More suggestions for Home Activities


Add in moments of prayer in the weeks and months ahead.

  • On your own, be quiet, still and know that God is there, God’s Spirit is within you

  • Drop into the church – a special place to be still and know that God is there, to feel God’s presence – visit alone/together – light a candle and say a prayer to the Holy Spirit. The easiest prayer is ‘Come Holy Spirit.’

  • Now and then, say a prayer together at home – maybe a ‘thank you’ prayer

A prayer/blessing

  • Quiet – think of your parent/guardian – think of your daughter/son – in your heart thank God for them.

  • Say a prayer for them – ask God to bless them – ask God to protect them

  • Pray that God’s Spirit will make each of us strong – and help each of us to be a wonderful person and to follow Jesus’ teaching in how we live


Chat about the changes in the young person’s life since birth: moments and milestones.

  • Birth itself and Baptism day

  • Learning to (crawl and) walk… Learning to talk

  • First school day

  • First Communion

  • How you’ve changed since then – the person you are becoming

A prayer – that you become the person you want to be – e.g. that you follow Jesus’ teaching, ‘always treat others the way you would like others to treat you’


Write a card to your child who is preparing for confirmation about the gifts you see in them or have a chat about it


Chat about each of your names, the name that you are called (parents share too);

  • Why was that name chosen?

  • What’s happened your name since? (e.g. changed, shortened, nicknames.)

  • Do you like your name? Some do, some don’t


  • Think of people close to you – who matter most to you – hear them saying your name – hear how it sounds from each of them

  • Think of God – Jesus calls people by name – hear him saying your name – in his voice, you hear his care for you, he calls you by name


Invite your child to draw a poster with their name on it, decorated and can then be used at the Confirmation Liturgy or displayed in Church.


To Parents & Guardians of all seeking Confirmation

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We hope you and your family are keeping well. As we enter Holy Week, we want to go together more deeply into the mystery of the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus and to wish each other a Happy Easter.

Our diocese has prepared three exciting half-hour sessions for Confirmation families to be delivered on Zoom.

Their titles are:

a) What’s in a name?

b) Gifted by the Spirit

c) Strength for the Journey.

The heart of each session is a 3/4 minute video to be watched together by parent(s) and child with time allowed to discuss it together after and then if you wish, channel back feedback either in the chat box or by audio. The main focus will be on the adults and children doing it together. We hope to run these zoom sessions towards the end of April / early May.

We need your help… It would be great to have two or three from each school to help run the Zoom sessions, in particular one person who can be the Zoom coordinator. If you would like to be involved in helping with the sessions please fill in your details on the attachment.

We will be in touch with you again after the Easter holidays with more information and we are looking forward to working together on this new initiative.

On behalf of the Parish Team we would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter!

Fr. Michael, Fr. Hilary, Dn. Pádraic.